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Bay World Travel provides discerning travelers with exceptional travel experiences. Our mission is to make your travel seamless and memorable, so you can relax and enjoy the journey.  

Bay World Travel is committed to providing our clients with the best recommendations and travel planning expertise based on your desired goals and expectations.  We specialize in providing unique experiences and we are here to help you plan the dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take.  Our experienced team of advisors utilizes our personal relationships with our travel partners around the world to maximize the value our clients gain from planning your travel with us.  Call us today to set up your consultation!


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"We all had the best time! And the champagne on the flight out of SFO was a complete and wonderful surprise. Thank you all so much. The flight attendants were kind enough to "give" us a second bottle when I asked if I could buy one. The Villa and staff was amazing. I highly recommend it. The Florence hotel was nice. Great common rooms downstairs, and clean hotel rooms. The hotel in Rome was a great location and we missed not having a common space, but managed just fine. Overall, it was a fantastic trip."
- CM (Italy)


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