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Luxury and Biodiversity: Explore The Galápagos

Top 3 Reasons to Come With Us on This Once-in-a-Lifetime Expedition

Home to Charles Darwin’s famous observations, the Galápagos islands are home to rare animal species found nowhere else on Earth. Each of the group’s many islands hosts a unique ecosystem of tortoise, finch, and countless species of sky, land, and sea.

With so many ways to see these amazing islands, we always opt for staying and traveling aboard a cruise ship. SilverSea Expeditions® offers a number of seven-day Galápagos cruises, with the perfect balance of luxury and adventure. With the best expert field guides-per-visitor ratio, SilverSea is our cruise line of choice for the Galápagos. These are the things we love about this experience!

1. World-Class Accommodations

The SilverSea operates intimate cruise vessels which accommodate a small number of guests.Every guest will enjoy plush accommodations, fine dining, and intimate lectures from local experts that immerse you in knowledge for the on-shore excursions to come.

These small vessels open up small areas that are inaccessible to normal, larger cruise vessels. With nimble zodiac crafts to take you to shore, you’ll find yourself miles away from any signs of civilization, up-close and personal with the world’s rarest and most unique animal species.

2. Expert Field Guides

The Galápagos islands offer a glimpse into some of the most unique equatorial ecosystems on the planet. This is why we love the local experts at SilverSea! The sheer diversity of species is best appreciated with their expert insight and experience at your side.

All fully certified by the Directorate of the Galápagos National Park, the field guides are with you for every step of your journey. Prepare for and debrief excursions with on-board lectures. With specialists in every relevant discipline, rest assured that all of your questions will be answered with extraordinary insight.

To us, the guides are what truly set this experience apart. Building a personal connection with your cruise guides gives you a feel for what motivates these amazing people. This personal relationship works both ways, as you feel the excitement of these experts while they share with you this magical place that means so much to them.

There are, of course, a number of great cruises from different companies that we recommend as well. Contact us to find out what cruise best suits your dates, travel style, and budget.

3. Travel Worry-Free

With the seven-day cruise package, everything is taken care of. Round-trip air travel from mainland Ecuador, pre-cruise and post-cruise hotel accommodations in Quito, airport transfers, National Park fees and permits, onboard meals and accommodations are all taken care of so you can focus on getting the most out of your Galápagos experience!

We’ve got your back with all the travel resources you need. With travel insurance, visa and passport assistance and more, we’ll help you connect the dots and make your Galápagos adventure a reality! Contact us and find out more about your Galápagos cruise!

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