"Oh my goodness! We had an astoundingly amazing time. It is so rare in life to have enormously high expectations and then have those expectations exceeded. It was simply a perfect trip. The resort is great. The food was terrific. The weather was super. And it was exactly what we need – – a week of sitting by the pool, Reading, relaxing --and just recharging. We truly love that place and hope to return again!!

Thank you so much for all of the superb organization and support." - MK (Hawaii)

"We had a FABULOUS time in Kauai! The accommodations were perfect, the catamaran ride was exhilarating, Smith's luau was fun and the food was yummy! Weather was great and we ate at a different place for most every lunch and dinner on different parts of the island. Kids went ziplining and we all hiked the Wimea Canyon and also hiked part of the Napali coast and of course snorkeling. Could not have asked for a better family vacation. Thank you so much for all your planning and for your different suggestions of what to do! We will look forward to going back hopefully one day, or perhaps a different island."

- ER (Hawaii)


"We had a fabulous trip, thanks to your great planning and the good folks at Lindblad, and our grandsons will never forget the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. As you all well know, every trip to a new place in the world opens a new window for us travelers.  Thanks so much for helping us on our way."

- GE & PE (Galapagos/Ecuador)


"We all had the best time!  And the champagne on the flight out of SFO was a complete and wonderful surprise.  Thank you all so much.  The flight attendants were kind enough to "give" us a second bottle when I asked if I could buy one.  The Villa and staff was amazing.  I highly recommend it.  The Florence hotel was nice.  Great common rooms downstairs, and clean hotel rooms.  The hotel in Rome was a great location and we missed not having a common space, but managed just fine. Overall, it was a fantastic trip."

- CM (Italy)


"We had a great time in Italy.  Hotel Stucky was a fabulous recommendation!  Those were the 2 best nights sleep we had the whole trip.  They also have the best bathrooms/showers I've had in Europe.  There is a very nice restaurant 3 minutes walk from there.  There is also a cute coffee shop for when you oversleep breakfast! Cortina was amazing!  I was worried about driving conditions, and Rebecca was praying for snow.  The road was clear for the drive up, and it stayed clear for our first day of hiking.  It snowed overnight, about 6-8 inches, so we walked the bike paths around the valley.  By the last day, the roads were clear, and we could hike up to a mountain lake.  Hotel Europa was fine.  Thanks for your recommendations and help."

-SP & RP (Italy)


"Wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all you did to make our trip to Italy so special.  The hotels were all very clean with real comfy beds, the trains were nice, and the drivers we had were all very good and on time.  We were busy every day and the tours you booked were very informative. 
We especially want to thank Susana for helping us out in Rome with our accommodations.  Didn't realize the monastery we booked was so far away from everything.  My hip was giving me a bad time so, we wanted something closer to the city.  The monastery wasn't what we were looking for either. The room was so small and the bathroom was as big as a small closet. We even had to unlock 3 doors before we could get in our room. With the short amount of time she had, she managed to get us into a really nice place, the Colonnial Palace,  that was close to everything. We sure appreciate how she made everything go so smoothly.  I would love to go back to Italy.  It was a very special experience. Thanks again for all your great planning for us."

- MJ & SL (Italy)


"We immensely enjoyed the trip you helped us put together to Austria & Italy.  In particular the hotels you chose & Avanti's help in acclimating us to both Salzburg & Venice.  The Hotel Imlauer in Salzburg was clean & well appointed with a great location & the staff very friendly & helpful.  The restaurant was also very good.  The Salzburg card was a great way to see the sights.  The Hotel Londra Palace in Venice was an exceptional treasure.  Being met by an Avanti person (so sorry we've forgotten her name, she was excellent) from the train, leading us to our waiting water taxi & chauffeuring us directly to our hotel was priceless.  When it was time to leave, Sabrina from Avanti met us at our hotel & chauffeured us to the airport.  She was also excellent.  The staff and in particular the concierge Andre, at Hotel Londra Palace were friendly, helpful & went the extra mile to make their guests feel special & welcome.  The Hotel itself is clean, beautifully appointed & the location is great.  The restaurant was excellent.

Again, we really appreciate your input and help in making this trip so special.  We have already recommended your services to friends."

- LV & VV (Europe)


"I want to personally thank you for the blood, sweat and tears that you invested in organizing our amazing trip with my brother. I can only imagine what challenges a group like ours provided as you not only pre-planned our activities, but also daily updated and changed them. This was an incredible trip. With your pre-planning, and my brother's amazing ability to look out for our personal needs, wants and desires, we experienced the trip of a lifetime. Not only that, but I can testify that this trip changed everyone in my immediate family. 

My husband, a smoker of 40 years, quit smoking two months before this trip, because he didn't want to be a smoker while traveling with his family. Also, after experiencing the peace of being away from his business for 16 days, and learning that his drivers can do things without him, he returned with a new outlook on how to prioritize his time. Both he and I realized that we need  and want to, "Take time to smell the roses." Lastly, within a week of returning, he spent the day with an aunt that he hasn't even taken the time to stay in touch with by phone.

From having the opportunity to spend 16 days; 24-7, with my husband, I realized that I needed to reprioritize my time, because I had allowed him to drift way down my list. We had the opportunity to get to know each other again, discuss challenges in our relationship and grow close. I also had the opportunity to daily recognize my personal selfishness as I observed my brother lay down his life to serve and provide for everyone in our group. His dedication and loyalty was amazing! This pierced my heart and humbled me.

My children all grew in their knowledge of the world and different cultures. They also had the chance to experience a taste of adulthood as they participated in the various activities on the ship, and took responsibility for getting to bed at night and being on time for excursions. I watched them mature over the course of the trip.

The journey was amazing. Thank you again for your behind the scenes work."

- WM (Europe)


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